Being followed (part 10)

Lee has got back to his car. He was aroused. He closes his eyes and thinks about Mandy. He was close to get her to want him. Her touch proved it. Just when he’s about to picture her naked, the car door on the passenger’s side opens. He opens his eyes and sees it’s her. Before he can say anything, she gives him a passionate kiss. She lays her hand on his groin which makes him grunt.
“Let’s go somewhere. I got an hour” She says after the kiss
“Sure” He says and smiles
He starts the engine and drives to the street.
“Where shall we go?” He asks, taking a glimpse at her
“Surprise me” She replies and looks at him with a smile
A few blocks later, he slows down. She notices where they are.
“Why are we at my house?” She asks surprised
“No one’s home so I thought why not do it here. A lot of opportunities” He says while driving the car to the driveway
“That’s not what I had in mind”
He stops the engine.
“What were you thinking?” He says and kisses her neck
“Did you really think I would sleep with you?” She says and pushes him gently away
“Isn’t that what you wanted?”
“So it’s talking you want” He says disappointed
“No, something else” She says and gets closer “I want to know how it feels to take you in my mouth” She whispers in his right ear and licks it once
He sighs and closes his eyes for a second and then looks in her eyes. She opens the zipper of his pants and their lips meet. They start to kiss passionately. Then she realizes what she was doing. She didn’t want to cheat on Ben and that was exactly what she was doing. She takes her hand away and stops responding.
“This is wrong”
“No this is right” He says and tries to kiss her
“I’m sorry”
“Finish what you started” He says a bit irritated
“What are you gonna do? Rape me?”
“I didn’t know you liked that kind of things” He replies and smiles
“I don’t. Please take me back to the office”
“Want to do it there instead?”
“No” She says, looking upset at him
“Inside the house?”
“What part did you not understand?” She says angrily
“Do you always do it like this? Starting something and not finishing it?”
“Are you trying to turn me on? If you are, it’s working” He says and tries to kiss her again
“You’re unbelievable” She says, rolling her eyes
“You haven’t seen anything yet”
“I can wait. Now take me back or I’ll take the bus”
“OK but you’ll regret it”
“I don’t think so” She says and looks out of the car window on her side
He looks at her once and restarts the engine. She keeps looking outside the whole trip. When they get there, she gets out of the car without saying anything. She regretted everything. She was just vulnerable and she was easily manipulated. It was all because of the row she had with Ben. She was just lonely.

She gets back to the office. She sits down behind her desk. In a moment Annette gets back from her lunch.
“You’re here early” She says when she’s at Mandy’s desk
She hadn’t told her she had left.
“I wasn’t that hungry” Mandy says, looking up from her computer
“Are you sure you can manage without food all day?”
“You sound like my mother”
“Is something wrong?”
“No, why?”
“When something is wrong you give sarcastic answers. Care to tell me?”
“All right. Come a bit closer” Mandy looks around to see if they are alone
Annette does so. She sits down on the desk.
“I was so close cheating on Ben” Mandy whispers
She tells her about what happened in the car.
“Now that was close”
“I don’t know what I was thinking. I know he only wants sex and I know he won’t stop until he gets it”
“It was your moment of weakness. We all get that from time to time. You don’t need to be embarrassed about it”
“I’m not. I’m not someone who does things without thinking. But now I was ready to do anything. And only because of this guy”
“I’m proud of you that you said no. It’s not easy when someone says the right things. It’s easy to get flattered”
“I’m not flattered. I’m worried I will fall eventually”
“When is Ben back?”
“Next week”
“That’s it. You want intimacy and since he’s not here, you want to get it somehow”
“You make it sound like I can’t be without sex”
“That’s not how I meant it”
“Maybe you’re right. I do need sex but with Ben”
“If you’re worried to be alone, you can come and stay with me” Annette says and stands up
“Thanks. But I should get some clothes from home first. I call you when you can pick me up”
“Great. We’re gonna have a girls night out” She says and smiles
“We haven’t had that in a while”
“OK back to work” She says and gets to her office
Mandy continues. She was relieved she didn’t have to be alone.

Being followed (part 9)

Chapter 9

On Monday morning, Ben flies to Europe. The weekend had been different from the usual. Mandy and he had ignored each other. She had to take the bus to get to the store. He was still upset and he wasn’t home very much. He didn’t know Lee had been in the house. She was already regretting she had let it go so far. Annette picked her up to get to work. She asked about the weekend but Mandy was quiet about it. She usually confided in her friend but now she didn’t want to talk about it. She kept to herself at work. In the beginning of the week, it was always busy. They had hardly any breaks. There were a lot of paperwork to be done and calls to take. Keeping her busy, kept her mind off her problems. At noon, Annette walks to Mandy’s desk and lays a file on it.
“Could you file this?”
Mandy is writing on the computer and stops. She takes the file and puts it in the file cabinet.
“I was thinking if we would order some take out today” Annette says while she does
“If you like” Mandy says and sits down at her chair
“Sounds good” She says and smiles a little
She continues working on the computer. Annette is about to get back to her office when she stops.
“You know if you have problems, please do tell me. Maybe I can help”
“Everything is fine. Ben is away so I have the whole house for myself”
“How about your follower? Is that problem over?”
“No problem” Mandy says and smiles
“You can still come and stay with me. Just in case”
“Thanks for the offer but I got a lot to do at home”
“Alright” Annette says and leaves

Mandy continues working. People usually came and went to the floor. Her boss was out meeting customers on Mondays so she was partly alone. While she’s writing on her computer, the elevator door opens. She pays no attention to it. She’s so concentrated she didn’t know she wasn’t alone.
“Ever tried it in an elevator?”
Startled she looks up and sees Lee in front of her desk. Luckily there were no one in the hall.
“How dare you scare me like that?” She says upset
“Well, have you?”
“Please leave. You shouldn’t be here” She says and looks nervously around
“If you’re afraid that we’ll get caught, I can always pretend to be a customer. In a way I am”
“Do you want me to jeopardize my job and my relationship?”
“Not much of a relationship anymore. You two are not even talking”
“You noticed that, did you? Did you follow me again?” She asked calmed down while sitting down in her chair
“All weekend. Everywhere you went and you were always alone”
“Does it turn you on by following me?”
“You have no idea”
“I don’t want to know. I got to get back to work” She says and sits closer to her desk
“I especially loved that tight top you were wearing. That really got me off”
“I said, I don’t want to know” She says and looks at him for a second
She continues writing on the computer. Thinking he had left, he suddenly sits on the edge of her desk. She has her hand on the mouse. He takes it and lays it on his groin and before she can react, he gives her a passionate kiss. This time she closes her eyes and unconsciously caresses the bulge on his pants. Just when the door to Annette’s room opens, he’s already walking to the elevator. Mandy keeps her eyes on him while he does. They smile at each other while he waits for it. Annette has seen him leave. She calls for her friend but she doesn’t hear.
“Mandy” She says again and then she looks at her
The elevator had arrived and he was gone.

“Was that” She asks but Mandy already knows the question
“Something is going on, I can tell. And now Ben is away and all”
“Nothing is going on. We’re just flirting” Mandy says and looks at the computer screen
“First you’re scared and now it’s totally different”
“Well you know how it is?”
“Tell me” Annette says curiously
“Well, you know when you meet a guy and you think you already seen it all. You think “this is just one of those things again” But then you realize, there’s a lot you don’t know. You get curious. Like you said, it says excitement all over him”
“So you’re curious, huh? I understand. He’s tall, sexy and a stranger. Maybe you get the best sex ever but is it worth it? Ben I mean”
“That’s the problem. I really want this guy but at the same time I don’t want to cheat. Now when I think about it, there’s just something about this guy I can’t resist. I feel like I’m about to burst into pieces. Just the way he talks to me. I don’t think I can wait that long. I feel I need more lust in my life”
“He really must be something. But be careful. It can become a distraction and I don’t want you to give up anything”
“I will not forget my purpose. I just need to get this frustration out of me”
“Just don’t take it here. We still have hours of work” Annette says with a smile and then she gets back to her office
Even though Annette seemed serious at times she could also be playful. Mandy takes her phone from her purse and looks at the message again. Reading it again made it more sensible. Lee did really have a vivid imagination. He knew things she didn’t believe were possible. She didn’t want to sound too eager. She would rather be safe than sorry. It was soon lunch time but all she was hungry for was senseless sex. If she only knew his number.

Being followed (part 8)

Chapter 8

Mandy cries herself to sleep. She was a deep sleeper so nothing could wake her up. She’s turning on her right side and continues sleeping. But she could sense something. She opens her eyes and is about to scream.
“Shh” Lee says, covering her mouth with his hand “Will you promise you want scream when I move my hand?”
She nods and he slowly remove it but she tries to scream anyway. But he’s quicker. He kisses her passionately. She didn’t dare to close her eyes. Still kissing her, he opens his and their eyes meet. She just wanted to push him away. He stops and licks his lips. She sits up and wraps the blanket over her chest. She wipes her mouth with her hand. She stares at him. She didn’t dare to say anything.
“You should really keep your windows closed. Anyone can get in”
She knew he noticed she was frightened. Maybe that was a way to keep her on her toes. He sits closer and tries to reach for her blanket but she holds it tighter. It freaked her even more that he was just staring at her. It was in the middle of the night and company was the least thing she wanted. She wanted to know what he was doing there but she was too afraid to ask. He must have heard her conversation with Ben. Otherwise he wouldn’t have known she was in the guest room. She’s only wearing a top and panties so she had no intention to show him.
“Are we just gonna stare at each other and say nothing? If you don’t want to talk, we can always do something else” He says and sits even closer
She knew what he meant by it but she would not fall for that. She tries to pick up the courage.
“What are you doing here?” She asks with a lump in her throat
“Since we got interrupted, I thought we could continue where we left off”
“There’s nothing. Leave me alone” She says, now sitting on her pillow in the head of the bed with her knees bent to her chest
“We really got your boyfriend fooled, pretending we didn’t know each other”
“We don’t” She says being less nervous
“But that’s what he thinks”
“If you don’t leave, I’ll call for him”
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you. I don’t think you want to get caught in the act” He keeps looking at her
“Caught doing what?”
“Doing it while your boyfriend is in the next room”
“What makes you think I will do it? Are you gonna hurt me?”
“Don’t be silly. Only if we’re having rough sex. Then it will only be about pleasure”
“You really think highly of yourself, don’t you? You think you get every woman you want”
“I only want one and she’s in bed right now” He says and tries to kiss her but she quickly gets out of bed with the blanket around her, revealing her bare arms
“So you want foreplay first” He says and smiles
He gets up from the bed but stays on the other side.
“All I want is to sleep and you won’t make it easy. So I should sleep with you so you’ll leave me alone?”
“If it’s so good I might not leave at all”
“Dream on. No matter what you say, no matter how charming you’re trying to be. Nothing will make me fall for you”
“I don’t really have to do anything special. When you get to know me, you’ll never want to be with anybody else”
“You’re not all that”
“What are you afraid of? That your secured life will be over?”
“You want me to dump him so you could be with me instead?”
“Not necessary. When your missionary position gets old, you can come to me. I know positions you’re never even heard of”
“My sex life is great thank you very much”
“Even if it is, it’s never too late to get better”
“Now I know why you wrote me that message. You wanted to convert me to your sex game. You’re wasting my time”
“Oh Mandy, you’re really playing hard to get. But I knew that when I first saw you. A beautiful woman like you really know how to tease. What I wrote in that message was true. That’s really what you make me feel. I wasn’t drunk. I was totally sober”
“You are a perv. Did you learn all that from a porn movie because that’s how it sounded?”
“It wasn’t porn. It just turns me on”
“Does spanking turn you on? Doing it in public? Against a tree?”
“What, are you interested?” He says and smiles
“No way. Don’t get any ideas”
“I’ve got lot of those right now” He says, looking at her up and down
While they talked, she felt more relaxed around him. All the standing made her tired so she sits down on the bed. Even if he sat down on the other side, she didn’t move away. She soon realized what a prude she had been. She also noticed he did look hot like Annette had said. It was so close she would fall after all. But then she saw, the sun coming out and she felt a panic. Ben could wake up and see them on the bed.
“You better leave” She says and stands up, forgetting she was only in her underwear
The blanket falls on the floor. He looks at her body.
“Now I understand why you didn’t want to take the blanket off. You wanted to save me from doing a crime. I couldn’t have held my urges. May I touch you before I go?” He says and looks in her eyes
She thinks a while and then gets closer to let him. He looks closely at her. He moves both of his hands across her arms and down to her stomach. She could feel a chill down her spine.
“See you later sexy” He says and licks her lips before climbing out of the window
She touches her lips that were still wet from his saliva. She didn’t know how things had gone from ignoring to acceptance. Was she falling in love with her follower? What about Ben, her longtime partner. Was she really gonna jeopardize her relationship because of some fling? Soul searching was now in order.

Being followed (part 7)

Chapter 7

“What did he mean?” Ben asks when they’re alone
“I don’t know” She says and gets to the kitchen
He follows her.
“He’s not an old friend, is he?”
She pours some juice in a glass and drinks it.
“An old boyfriend?”
“No” She says and sits by the kitchen table
“Could you explain? Who is he?” He says and sits down across her
“I don’t know. He just appeared”
“And then he kissed you?”
“No. It’s a long story”
“We have time”
She knew he wouldn’t let it go. She tells him the whole story. He was amazed.
“I knew there was something strange going on. He was quite rude and he even went to our bedroom
She quickly gets up and runs there and in a moment gets back.
“Nothing was taken” She says relieved and sits down again
“He was just looking when I got there”
“You never know”
“Maybe I should postpone my trip?”
“No need to do that. It’s just a few days, right?”
“No it’s a week. I tried to tell you”
“Annette will pick me up to work and if necessary I can spend the night at her place. No need to worry” She says and smiles
“Now when the weirdo is out there, you’re not safe anywhere. Maybe we should call the police”
“Annette said I should just ignore it”
“That’s not possible now since he’s been in the house”
“Stop worrying so much. I can manage”
“I hope you do because if you don’t, it can get more serious. He can get violent if he doesn’t get what he wants”
“I don’t think he wants to hurt me”
“A stalker that doesn’t want to hurt anyone? Hmm, that’s far-fetched”
“Maybe he’s not a stalker. Maybe he just wanted a kiss”
“You’re underestimating him. No one that only wants a kiss behaves like he does. Maybe you like his attention”
“No I don’t. He scares me. I don’t want him near me”
“Then call the police. One of these days he will come here and do something horrible to you. Then it’s too late. Will you wait until he does?”
“No, I just think they can’t do anything about it right now. I’ll be careful, I swear”
“You can never be too careful”
“Should we go out to dinner now?” Mandy changes the subject
“No I lost my appetite. I think I just eat a sandwich and then go to bed” He says and stands up
“Already? But it’s Friday or maybe you have something else on your mind” She says and stands up to get closer to him
“No, just tired” He says and gets to the fridge “On other thoughts. I think I won’t eat anything” He says and closes the fridge
“It’s only 5.30 pm. How can you be tired?”
He doesn’t say anything. He walks out of the kitchen and walks to the bedroom. She follows him.
“If you’re upset because I’m not doing what you want me to do. Then that’s just silly” She says but he doesn’t listen “Did you hear what I said?” She continues when he doesn’t reply
“I hear you” He says while taking his shoes off without looking her way
“Why can’t you say something?” She says a little upset
“Say what? End of discussion” He looks up at her
“No dinner and to bed early. On a Friday. And no explanations. All you say is that”
“So you want to discuss it. It must really be necessary to get it out of your system. Do you like talking about him? OK, let’s talk. You know you should have become an actress. You played well to be frightened little girl. You almost got me fooled. How long did you think your plan would have worked? After 10 years I knew this day would come. I’ve had it with you. Just go to your new boyfriend. Maybe you two will have a good laugh” He says angry, raising his voice
“Wait a minute. I did nothing of a sort. I swear I don’t know him. Everything I told you is true. Can’t you see, he’s trying to turn us against each other? He probably already knows about this argument”
“I don’t care right now” He says and takes her pillow and blanket “Here, sleep in the guestroom” He continues and throws them at her
She picks them up from the floor. Without saying anything, she leaves the room. Sometimes he could be so stubborn. All she could do is leave it alone. She was mostly angry at Lee for ruining things. She wasn’t hungry either. She gets to the guest room and lies on the wide bed crying. Maybe things would look better in the morning light.

Being followed (part 6)

Chapter 6

Lee is back in his car across the street. His conversation with Mandy had been really arousing. He was pleased he finally had a longer conversation with her. The kiss made him want her even more. He could feel she was a bit reluctant of his approaches but that was only because of her boyfriend. It was time to pay him a visit. Lee starts the engine and drives away. There wasn’t much traffic so it didn’t take long before he was at the house. He parks the car on the other side of the street. He knew someone was home. He rings the doorbell without hesitation. He can see someone was moving inside. He rings the bell again. Ben had been on the phone and is ending it while opening the door. He recognizes Lee immediately.
“Hi” Lee says with a smile
“Sorry, Mandy is not home”
“OK, I can wait” He says and gets inside the house
“It can take a while” A puzzled Ben says
“It’s OK” Lee says while looking around
Ben was a bit upset his guest barge in like that without being asked. But he didn’t want to be rude. He closes the front door.
“Since you’re gonna stay, you might just sit down”
Without saying anything, Lee gets to the living room and sits down on the couch. Ben sits on the chair across it. He doesn’t say anything but so doesn’t the guest. He thinks about what Mandy had said when he described him to her. He wanted to hear more.
“So where do you know Mandy?” He asks and Lee looks his way
“We went to the same school. I don’t think she remembers me though”
“No doubt about that. How long did you go there?”
“Just a few years. I moved abroad after that”
“That’s funny. I never heard Mandy talk about school. I thought she was taught at home”
“OK, maybe it wasn’t school. I don’t actually remember where it was. Sorry about that”
“Sure” Ben says doubting
“So when will she get home?”
“A couple of hours. No need to wait that long. I tell her you stopped by” Ben says and is about to stand up
“Could I get something to drink, please?”
“Um sure” Ben replies and gets to the kitchen
When he gets back, he can’t find his guest anywhere. He leaves the glass on the table in the living room and goes to look for him. He sees the bedroom door being open and sees him there.
“I don’t want to be rude but could you leave this room. It’s private” Ben says by the doorpost
“I’m sorry but bedrooms fascinate me. Especially what you can do in them”
Ben didn’t know what to reply to that. This whole visit was weird to begin with. He looks at his wrist watch. It would be 4 pm soon. They get back to the living room. Lee picks up the glass when he sees it on the table. He sits down on the couch and takes a sip. In a moment the front door opens and Mandy arrives.
“It’s OK now. Thanks” She shouts to Annette who has given her a lift and then she gets inside
She puts her purse on the shelf in the hall and sees Ben standing by the chair, looking at her.
“No need to stand up” She says and smiles
She takes her high heels off from her feet.
“You have a guest” He says and nods down
Before Lee even stands up, she could see who it was. She just freezes. Her heart was beating faster. Now he was in their house too. She swallows and then looks at Ben.
“Babe, could I see you in the kitchen” She says and storms there
He follows her.
“Get him out of here” She whispers when they get there
“You know him?” He whispers back
“I wish I didn’t. Let’s go out to dinner. Tell him”
“I’ve been trying but he insisted to wait”
“Do it” She commands him
“OK” He says and gets back to the living room “Sorry but we got plans” He says when he does
Mandy stands in the doorway to the kitchen, watching. Without doubting anything, Lee gets to the front door. Just when he’s about to open it, he looks at Mandy.
“Thanks for the kiss”
Puzzled Ben looks at her. With a smile Lee leaves. Mandy had some explaining to do. She knew dinner was out.