Being followed (part 4)

Chapter 4

The next morning things were like always. Ben drives Mandy to work. It’s Friday so the day would end at 4 pm. One thing was different. She was more nervous than usual. She kept looking around. She tried not to show it to Ben who could read her like a book. Because of her work, she had to wear short skirts. Otherwise she would wear less revealing clothes. Now she felt exposed. She tried to work but she kept thinking about the message on her phone. When it was lunch time, she didn’t to go to the café they usually went to.
“I rather stay here”
“What’s wrong? You usually don’t decline” Annette says
“Are you girls coming?” One of their male co- workers asks when he’s walking by Mandy’s desk
“You go ahead” Annette replies to him and he leaves
“Nothing is wrong. I just don’t feel like going”
“Is Ben coming?” She says and smiles a little
“Nothing like that” Mandy says and starts to organize some papers on her desk
“Do you have something to eat with you?”
“I’m not hungry”
“OK, I’ll bring you a sandwich” Annette says and is about to leave
“Actually there is something” Mandy says and takes her phone from her purse that she has in her drawer
“I knew it”
“You know you’re my best friend and I could tell you anything, right?”
“So you got a secret. How exciting” Annette says eagerly
“Not when you read this” She says and hands her phone
Annette sits down on the end of her desk to read the message. When she’s finished, she puts the phone on the desk.
“Wow, this person really has an imagination”
“Not even Ben would write something like that” Mandy points at her phone
“No sane person would. Do you know who could be behind it?”
“I have an idea. It’s the same person who found my phone”
“So who is it?”
“I don’t know his name”
“How does he look like?”
“Well, really tall, brownish hair. Not sure about eye color”
“Was he old, young, handsome, unattractive?”
“Older than me and you could say kind of handsome. But that’s a matter of opinion”
“If he was old then it would be creepy”
“It’s creepy now. He can be anywhere waiting for me. I shudder just thinking about it”
“I think you got yourself a stalker” Annette says with a smile
“What should I do? Call the cops?”
“He hasn’t done anything. Maybe those are just words. You should tell Ben”
“No way. He got others things to think about. Besides, like you said, this guy hasn’t done anything. If he does, then I tell Ben”
“Whatever you choose. I should go. I’ll bring you that sandwich” Annette says while standing up to leave

Mandy would do some filing. A filing cabinet is situated by the wall behind her desk. She can hear the elevator but she doesn’t pay attention to it.
“Hi” A male voice says
“Just a minute” She says and closes the drawer
She turns around and startled jumps a bit when she sees who it is. Her heart is pounding faster. She’s really nervous.
“What are you doing here?” She bravely asks but keeps standing where she is
“Is that a way to talk to a customer?” He asks and smiles a little
“No one is here. Sorry you have to leave” She says trying not to show him she was afraid
“Is your phone working?”
“What is it to you?”
“Just asking” He says and gets closer
“Stay where you are” She quickly replies
“OK, no need to panic” He says and stops
She tries to be brave.
“What do you want?”
“I know what kind of service you want” She says still nervous
“I don’t think you do. I just got here and I haven’t told you anything”
“I read your message so I know what you want”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about”
“Oh please, perv” She says upset
“I honest don’t” He claims
“You sure have a bad memory”
“Maybe you should remind me” He says and smiles
Her phone is still on her desk so she takes it quickly to search for the message. She puts it back on the desk and gets back to the cabinet. He picks the phone up. While he reads it, he laughs once in a while. She just wanted him to leave.
“That’s a good one” He says and continues reading
She didn’t know what was so funny. She was terrified.
“If I wrote this, I must have been very drunk. I usually get really frisky when I do” He says and looks at her “You’re not taking this seriously, are you?” He continues and put the phone back on her desk
“Ha, ha. So I should laugh at your stupidity? How dare you write a message like that on my phone? Did you think it was amusing?” She says angrily
“Maybe you like this kind of thing”
“If you thought that, you have another thing coming”
“Shouldn’t we get this tension between us over with and start over? Hi, I’m Lee” He says and reaching his hand to shake hers
“Now I know why you seem familiar. You came to my house and asked my boyfriend if I was home. The café wasn’t the first place you saw me. You’ve been following me everywhere. You even knew where I worked. What kind of person are you?”
“Some imagination you have. I did none of that. The café was the first place where I saw you”
“Yeah right. If my boyfriend were here, he would recognize you straight away”
“So where is he then? I don’t see him everywhere” He says and looks around
“You want to meet him? That can be arranged” She says and tries to reach her phone on the desk but he gets it first
“There’s no need”
“Afraid your secret will come out?”
“He already know I was looking for you”
“Ha, so you admit it” She says, being less nervous now
“I guess that slipped” He says and smiles again
“You better leave before the others arrive”
“Why would they mind? I’m just another customer”
“Give my phone back” She says and reaches her hand
“If you want it, you better come and get it”
“I don’t have time for this. Now give it to me”
He steps back a few steps. All she can do is get closer to him. Just when she’s about to grab it from his hand, he gives her a kiss on her lips. The doors of the elevator are opening. He gives the phone to her and a smile on his face leaves her there with a puzzled look. Annette has just arrived and walks pass him. She only takes a glimpse and gets to Mandy.
“Is everything alright?” She asks when she does
She was still in shock.
“Yeah” Is her only reply
“Here’s the sandwich” Annette says and puts it on the desk
Mandy gets back to her working place and sits down on her chair.
“Who was that?” Annette asks
“No one” Mandy says looking through her papers
“He looked about the same, the guy you described”
“Maybe it was”
“You’re kidding. Your stalker was here? Did he do something?” Annette asks surprised
“Nothing. Just a kiss”
“OMG and you let him? If that’s the case, he’s not your stalker. He’s your future boyfriend”
“No he’s not. He followed me” Mandy says and looks at her upset
“As much as I like Ben, he’s too nice for you. But this guy on the other, it says excitement all over him”
“More like a nightmare. Let’s get back to work” Mandy says and opens her computer
The others have come back from their lunch break.
“Let’s talk more later” Annette says and gets to her office
Mandy just wanted to forget about everything that had happened. But she knew her friend wouldn’t let it go.

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