Being followed (part 2)

Chapter 2

Mandy and Ben get to their car that is parked a few meters away. A black car is following them a little further away. They get home and drive to the garage. The black car is parked on the other side of the street. The driver waits. It was getting dark outside. The lights are turned on in the house. The evening goes by and a few hours later, the lights are turned off. The man outside waits all night. He wakes up when he hears voices outside. Mandy is talking to Ben and they’re saying goodbye. She would take the bus to work. The man in the car sits up straight and waits until Ben has gone back inside. A few minutes later the man in the car gets out of it. Before crossing the street, he looks from the right to the left to see there’s no traffic. He gets to the front door of the house but doesn’t ring the bell. He thinks what to say first. Then he rings the bell and waits. It takes a while before the door opens.
“Hi, is Mandy home?” The man asks even if he knew the answer
“No she just left. Who’s asking?” Ben replies
“Just a friend”
“She has a lot of friends. May I ask what your name is so I can tell her you stopped by?”
“Lee” He says and leaves straight away
Puzzled Ben closes the front door and walks to the living room. He calls Mandy who has just arrived to her work place.
“Hi, babe. Forgot to say something?” She asks on the other end
“Just called to ask if you knew someone called Lee?” He says and sits on the couch
“No. Why?”
“As soon as you left, this guy came and asked for you”
“How did he look like?”
“Really tall, about 6’4″, brownish hair. Maybe green eyes. Not sure”
“Nope, doesn’t sound familiar. What did he want?”
“I don’t know. He only said his name and left”
“That’s weird”
“I thought so too. Well I let you go now. See you later”
“Bye. I love you” She says and ends the call
Lee has got back to his car and is driving to the security company. The company was in a 10 storage building. When he gets there, he parks his car on the other side of the street. He could see the entrance. He knew Mandy’s schedule. At 1 pm he sees her coming out of the building. She usually was alone but this time she had a few co-workers with her. He steps out of the car and crosses the street. He knew where they were going so he follows them. A few blocks away from the company there’s a small café where they served lunch. When they step inside, he does the same but a little further back. They order something to eat and sit by a table by the window. Lee orders a coffee and sits by a table close to theirs. He didn’t listen to their conversation. There was too much noise from other customers. He kept staring at Mandy. She was always smiling. She was quite talkative too. She’s wearing a white blouse with buttons and a brown skirt that reached above the knee. On her feet she has low high heels. Her hair was in a bun. It was not only her appearance that he felt attracted to. It was also her personality. In a moment they’re leaving. When she stands up from her chair, Lee does the same. He then “accidently” bumps into her.
“Oh I’m sorry” He apologizes and smiles
“It’s OK” She replies and smiles back
She walks to the front door. He leaves a tip on his table and follows her a little further away. She catches her co-workers. They get back to the company. Lee gets into his car on the other side of the street. He was pleased he had made contact with her.

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