Being followed (part 4)

Chapter 4

The next morning things were like always. Ben drives Mandy to work. It’s Friday so the day would end at 4 pm. One thing was different. She was more nervous than usual. She kept looking around. She tried not to show it to Ben who could read her like a book. Because of her work, she had to wear short skirts. Otherwise she would wear less revealing clothes. Now she felt exposed. She tried to work but she kept thinking about the message on her phone. When it was lunch time, she didn’t to go to the café they usually went to.
“I rather stay here”
“What’s wrong? You usually don’t decline” Annette says
“Are you girls coming?” One of their male co- workers asks when he’s walking by Mandy’s desk
“You go ahead” Annette replies to him and he leaves
“Nothing is wrong. I just don’t feel like going”
“Is Ben coming?” She says and smiles a little
“Nothing like that” Mandy says and starts to organize some papers on her desk
“Do you have something to eat with you?”
“I’m not hungry”
“OK, I’ll bring you a sandwich” Annette says and is about to leave
“Actually there is something” Mandy says and takes her phone from her purse that she has in her drawer
“I knew it”
“You know you’re my best friend and I could tell you anything, right?”
“So you got a secret. How exciting” Annette says eagerly
“Not when you read this” She says and hands her phone
Annette sits down on the end of her desk to read the message. When she’s finished, she puts the phone on the desk.
“Wow, this person really has an imagination”
“Not even Ben would write something like that” Mandy points at her phone
“No sane person would. Do you know who could be behind it?”
“I have an idea. It’s the same person who found my phone”
“So who is it?”
“I don’t know his name”
“How does he look like?”
“Well, really tall, brownish hair. Not sure about eye color”
“Was he old, young, handsome, unattractive?”
“Older than me and you could say kind of handsome. But that’s a matter of opinion”
“If he was old then it would be creepy”
“It’s creepy now. He can be anywhere waiting for me. I shudder just thinking about it”
“I think you got yourself a stalker” Annette says with a smile
“What should I do? Call the cops?”
“He hasn’t done anything. Maybe those are just words. You should tell Ben”
“No way. He got others things to think about. Besides, like you said, this guy hasn’t done anything. If he does, then I tell Ben”
“Whatever you choose. I should go. I’ll bring you that sandwich” Annette says while standing up to leave

Mandy would do some filing. A filing cabinet is situated by the wall behind her desk. She can hear the elevator but she doesn’t pay attention to it.
“Hi” A male voice says
“Just a minute” She says and closes the drawer
She turns around and startled jumps a bit when she sees who it is. Her heart is pounding faster. She’s really nervous.
“What are you doing here?” She bravely asks but keeps standing where she is
“Is that a way to talk to a customer?” He asks and smiles a little
“No one is here. Sorry you have to leave” She says trying not to show him she was afraid
“Is your phone working?”
“What is it to you?”
“Just asking” He says and gets closer
“Stay where you are” She quickly replies
“OK, no need to panic” He says and stops
She tries to be brave.
“What do you want?”
“I know what kind of service you want” She says still nervous
“I don’t think you do. I just got here and I haven’t told you anything”
“I read your message so I know what you want”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about”
“Oh please, perv” She says upset
“I honest don’t” He claims
“You sure have a bad memory”
“Maybe you should remind me” He says and smiles
Her phone is still on her desk so she takes it quickly to search for the message. She puts it back on the desk and gets back to the cabinet. He picks the phone up. While he reads it, he laughs once in a while. She just wanted him to leave.
“That’s a good one” He says and continues reading
She didn’t know what was so funny. She was terrified.
“If I wrote this, I must have been very drunk. I usually get really frisky when I do” He says and looks at her “You’re not taking this seriously, are you?” He continues and put the phone back on her desk
“Ha, ha. So I should laugh at your stupidity? How dare you write a message like that on my phone? Did you think it was amusing?” She says angrily
“Maybe you like this kind of thing”
“If you thought that, you have another thing coming”
“Shouldn’t we get this tension between us over with and start over? Hi, I’m Lee” He says and reaching his hand to shake hers
“Now I know why you seem familiar. You came to my house and asked my boyfriend if I was home. The café wasn’t the first place you saw me. You’ve been following me everywhere. You even knew where I worked. What kind of person are you?”
“Some imagination you have. I did none of that. The café was the first place where I saw you”
“Yeah right. If my boyfriend were here, he would recognize you straight away”
“So where is he then? I don’t see him everywhere” He says and looks around
“You want to meet him? That can be arranged” She says and tries to reach her phone on the desk but he gets it first
“There’s no need”
“Afraid your secret will come out?”
“He already know I was looking for you”
“Ha, so you admit it” She says, being less nervous now
“I guess that slipped” He says and smiles again
“You better leave before the others arrive”
“Why would they mind? I’m just another customer”
“Give my phone back” She says and reaches her hand
“If you want it, you better come and get it”
“I don’t have time for this. Now give it to me”
He steps back a few steps. All she can do is get closer to him. Just when she’s about to grab it from his hand, he gives her a kiss on her lips. The doors of the elevator are opening. He gives the phone to her and a smile on his face leaves her there with a puzzled look. Annette has just arrived and walks pass him. She only takes a glimpse and gets to Mandy.
“Is everything alright?” She asks when she does
She was still in shock.
“Yeah” Is her only reply
“Here’s the sandwich” Annette says and puts it on the desk
Mandy gets back to her working place and sits down on her chair.
“Who was that?” Annette asks
“No one” Mandy says looking through her papers
“He looked about the same, the guy you described”
“Maybe it was”
“You’re kidding. Your stalker was here? Did he do something?” Annette asks surprised
“Nothing. Just a kiss”
“OMG and you let him? If that’s the case, he’s not your stalker. He’s your future boyfriend”
“No he’s not. He followed me” Mandy says and looks at her upset
“As much as I like Ben, he’s too nice for you. But this guy on the other, it says excitement all over him”
“More like a nightmare. Let’s get back to work” Mandy says and opens her computer
The others have come back from their lunch break.
“Let’s talk more later” Annette says and gets to her office
Mandy just wanted to forget about everything that had happened. But she knew her friend wouldn’t let it go.

Being followed (part 3)

Chapter 3

Mandy gets out of the office at 5 pm. She would meet Ben at the bar as usual. This time her co- workers was with her. When they get there, he hadn’t arrived yet. She sits by a table with her boss and best friend, Annette and a few others. They order their drinks when the waitress gets to them. Since it was a small bar, not many customers were present. They talk about their day and then the conversation turns into daily things. Mandy kept quiet. She looks at the clock on the wall behind the counter. It was already over 5.30 pm. Annette noticed she looked nervous.
“Mandy, you’re awfully quiet”
“Ben hasn’t arrived yet” She replies and takes a sip from her beer glass
“Maybe he’s stuck in traffic”
“I hope so”
“Don’t worry, he will turn up soon” Annette comforts her
But she was still nervous. She decided to call him. She looks through her purse but she could not find her phone. She almost starts to panic.
“I forgot my phone” She says to Annette “I have to go”
“Do you want me to come with you?”
“I’ll be fine. Tell Ben if you see him that I’ll be right back” She says and stands up to leave the bar
It was getting dark outside. Luckily she was at the company in no time. It was already closed but she had a key. She takes the elevator to the 10th floor where the offices were. She gets to her desk but the phone is not there. She tries to think where she had it last. She looks through the drawers. Suddenly she hears a noise. It was like someone opened a door. She looks up but no one is there. She continues to search. She empties her purse on the desk. But it’s not there. She sits down on her chair to think. Then there’s the same noise again. She slowly stands up and listens.
She looks down the hall.
“Is anybody there?” She carefully asks but there’s no answer
Her heart was beating faster. She quietly put her things back in her purse. The office was creepy after work hours. Maybe she could have asked Annette to come with her after all. She takes her purse and gets to the elevator. The strange thing was that the elevator was on the 1st floor. Maybe someone was there after all. She was more worried about her phone. She must have dropped it. Her purse was usually secure. She gets to the street. It was usually a busy one but now only a few cars were driving by. Her friends were probably worried where she was.
“Were you looking for your phone?” A male voice suddenly says
“Gee, you startled me” She says while turning around
“Sorry about that” He says and smiles
“How did you know it was missing?” She ask doubting, still being shaken
“You dropped it in the café earlier” He says and takes it from his jacket pocket
He looks somehow familiar. Then she remembers where she had seen him before.
“How did you know I was here?” She tries to question him
“I asked the café where I could find you”
“How did they know? I usually don’t talk to the staff there”
“I guess they just knew”
“It doesn’t really matter. I got my phone back” She says and reaches her hand
But he doesn’t give it to her. He keeps it in his hand and looks at her
“Could I have it, please?”
“Oh sorry” He says and gives it to her
“Thank you” She says and takes it
“I didn’t look in it, I swear” He says and smiles
She smiles a little and then leaves. There were something familiar about him but at the same time a little creepy. Maybe she only felt like that because what happened in the office. She gets back to the bar.

More people had arrived. She smiles when she sees Ben sitting by the counter talking to Annette. She gets there and sneaks behind him. She wraps her arms around his waist.
“Guess who?” She asks and he turns around
He gives her a kiss and hugs her.
“You’re shaking” He says and looks at her
“It’s a bit chilly outside”
“It’s not that chilly. Something happened?”
“No, everything is fine” She replies and smiles “So where were you?”
“I should be going” Annette says, stepping down from her bar stool “See you tomorrow Mandy”
“See ya” Mandy says and her friend leaves
“I had a call from my agent. I have to fly to Europe next week to talk about a job. I did try to call you”
“I lost my phone and I haven’t looked at it yet”
“So you found it. Where was it?”
“At the café. So you got a job?” She says and sits on the bar stool Annette had sat in
“Isn’t it closed?”
“It was. What kind of job is it?”
“Don’t change the subject”
“What is there to tell? I got my phone back”
“When you keep changing the subject, I thought you’re trying to hide something”
“I just thought there’s nothing else to tell. No need to suspect anything”
“I wasn’t. Never mind. Shall we go?” He says and drinks the rest of his drink
She gets off the bar stool and takes her purse with her that she had laid on the counter when she sat down. She didn’t want to bother him about what happened in the office or about the man she had met. They get to their car which is parked a few meters away. The whole trip they didn’t talk. She was tired anyway. It was already 7 pm and they hadn’t eaten dinner yet. Luckily there were leftovers from the day before. While they watch the news on TV after they’ve eaten, she looks through her phone. There was a saved message that wasn’t there before. She opens the message to read it. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She looks at Ben but he’s too busy watching TV.
“I need a drink” She says and gets up from the couch they’re sitting on
She gets to the kitchen and takes some water from the fridge to pour it in a glass. She takes a sip. She sits down by the kitchen table to read the rest of the message. After finish reading, she closes it. She was appalled. How could anyone write to her that way? None of her male friends would ever do it. There was only one person that could and that was the person who had her phone last.

Being followed (part 2)

Chapter 2

Mandy and Ben get to their car that is parked a few meters away. A black car is following them a little further away. They get home and drive to the garage. The black car is parked on the other side of the street. The driver waits. It was getting dark outside. The lights are turned on in the house. The evening goes by and a few hours later, the lights are turned off. The man outside waits all night. He wakes up when he hears voices outside. Mandy is talking to Ben and they’re saying goodbye. She would take the bus to work. The man in the car sits up straight and waits until Ben has gone back inside. A few minutes later the man in the car gets out of it. Before crossing the street, he looks from the right to the left to see there’s no traffic. He gets to the front door of the house but doesn’t ring the bell. He thinks what to say first. Then he rings the bell and waits. It takes a while before the door opens.
“Hi, is Mandy home?” The man asks even if he knew the answer
“No she just left. Who’s asking?” Ben replies
“Just a friend”
“She has a lot of friends. May I ask what your name is so I can tell her you stopped by?”
“Lee” He says and leaves straight away
Puzzled Ben closes the front door and walks to the living room. He calls Mandy who has just arrived to her work place.
“Hi, babe. Forgot to say something?” She asks on the other end
“Just called to ask if you knew someone called Lee?” He says and sits on the couch
“No. Why?”
“As soon as you left, this guy came and asked for you”
“How did he look like?”
“Really tall, about 6’4″, brownish hair. Maybe green eyes. Not sure”
“Nope, doesn’t sound familiar. What did he want?”
“I don’t know. He only said his name and left”
“That’s weird”
“I thought so too. Well I let you go now. See you later”
“Bye. I love you” She says and ends the call
Lee has got back to his car and is driving to the security company. The company was in a 10 storage building. When he gets there, he parks his car on the other side of the street. He could see the entrance. He knew Mandy’s schedule. At 1 pm he sees her coming out of the building. She usually was alone but this time she had a few co-workers with her. He steps out of the car and crosses the street. He knew where they were going so he follows them. A few blocks away from the company there’s a small café where they served lunch. When they step inside, he does the same but a little further back. They order something to eat and sit by a table by the window. Lee orders a coffee and sits by a table close to theirs. He didn’t listen to their conversation. There was too much noise from other customers. He kept staring at Mandy. She was always smiling. She was quite talkative too. She’s wearing a white blouse with buttons and a brown skirt that reached above the knee. On her feet she has low high heels. Her hair was in a bun. It was not only her appearance that he felt attracted to. It was also her personality. In a moment they’re leaving. When she stands up from her chair, Lee does the same. He then “accidently” bumps into her.
“Oh I’m sorry” He apologizes and smiles
“It’s OK” She replies and smiles back
She walks to the front door. He leaves a tip on his table and follows her a little further away. She catches her co-workers. They get back to the company. Lee gets into his car on the other side of the street. He was pleased he had made contact with her.

Being followed

Character: Benedict Cumberbatch
Fan fiction: RPF (real person fiction)
About: True love never dies. Or does it? Mandy and Benedict are a British couple who lives in Santa Monica. They have not a care in the world. One day their happiness is being tested. Someone is following her.
Author Notes: Warning! Might contain mature content. This story has never happened. Only the names are real. Feedback or tips are welcome.

Chapter 1

Mandy is a British woman in her late 20’s, living in Santa Monica in LA with her boyfriend Benedict. She works as a personal assistant in a security company. They lived in a single storey brick house a few miles from the town Centre. Every morning at 7 am, Benedict gave her a lift to work in a grey BMW. She didn’t have a driver’s license of her own. She had long blonde hair and brown eyes. She always wore skirts and high heels. She had a lot of male friends because of her beauty and outgoing personality. She still managed to stay faithful. She had many suitors but she was strong-willed. She loved Ben, as she called him, with all her heart. They’ve been together for 10 years and their relationship was still going strong. They had met through friends. She didn’t believe love at first sight but when she met him, she changed her mind. He was 6’0″, short brown hair and piercing blue-green eyes. His rich baritone voice made her fall in love with him even deeper. He was an actor but now he was taking a break from it. Every evening after her work day was over, they met at a bar for a drink. Sometimes they met their friends there but this evening it was only two of them. They always sat by the counter. The bar was small and had a cozy atmosphere. It had 10 to 11 tables and a few booths. The bar was situated a few blocks away from her work place.
Mandy is sitting by the counter, waiting for Ben to arrive. She has ordered a cocktail and is talking to the male bartender that she knew well. She was very talkative person and made friends easily. There were only a few customers. While they’re talking and laughing, a man on his 30’s is sitting by table a little further away, watching her. He’s been watching her from a far for a few days. He had seen her at the security company when he was there on business. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. The problem was, he had no idea how to approach her. He knew she was already taken but he didn’t care. He was in love and he wanted her.
Ben arrives to the bar and gets to Mandy. He gives her a kiss and sits down beside her. He orders a drink and they talk about their day like they always did. After about 30 minutes, they leave the bar. The man at the table leaves his drink and follows them. The couple had no idea they were being followed.

One course of love (part 11)

Chapter 11

Only a few days later, an unknown number calls Leia. But she was too busy at work. It was Monday so it was a busy day. It kept ringing constantly. It was the same number. She usually didn’t answer personal calls but now she had to. It was getting annoying.
“Leia” She calmly answered
“Hi babe”
She knew it was Richard.
“You’re calling in a bad time. I’m busy” She replied while sitting by her desk, going through some papers with her left hand
“This won’t take long” He said on the end of the line
“OK. What do you want?”
“Are you alone?”
“Yes, why?” She asked and stopped
“No reason”
“Please get to the point” She said and leaned with her back against the back of her chair
“I miss you. Do you miss me?”
“No I don’t. I should get back to work”
Nadia was walking by and hears the conversation. Leia shows her to come closer. She put the speaker on.
“I understand why you didn’t take my number. You wanted me to find out yours. I get it. You want to tease me. But there comes a time this game is getting annoying. Right now you’re giving me mixed signals. Do you want me or not?”
The girls looked at each other. The fun had suddenly become serious. Leia wanted to say yes but that would ruin the plan. She was silent.
“I guess that’s a no then. OK, fine. See you in school tomorrow” He then hanged up
“What was that all about?” Nadia asked puzzled
“I don’t know” Leia said and put her mobile on the desk
“Did we screw up?”
“No, he’s just inpatient. Tomorrow is a new day. Need to get back to work” Leia said and continued what she was doing
“I hope you’re right” Nadia said and left

The next day arrived shortly. The girls arrived to school as usual. Leia had done the assignment she hadn’t done. She laid the paper in front of Richard. He was writing something on a paper.
“Here it is”
“Thank you” He quickly glimpsed at her
She kept standing where she was. He noticed and looked up. She smiled a little.
“Something else?”
This time he looked more of a teacher with a suit and a tie. He looked really handsome.
“No” She said and got back to her seat on the front row
The hour started. They started with a repeat about what they had learned so far. They had an hour to fill the test paper. Leia was doing it a while and then kept looking at Richard. He was reading the students essays. He looked up for a moment and noticed her. She had her pencil in her mouth and played with it the same way she did in the beginning. He kept looking at her. She pretended to write which stopped him doing so. She took her mobile from the desk in front of her. She wrote a text message and sent it. She looked up and saw he was looking in his phone. He looked up and their eyes met.
“Are you hard?” The message said. He was writing one back.
“You’re interested after all?”
“Maybe” Was her reply
“Come to the men’s room on the break and find out” He suggested
Others were so concentrated on the test, no one noticed they were flirting via their mobiles.
“Too risky. You must wait”
“Stop flirting and continue to your test. It’s an order”
Then he stopped and continued reading essays. There were only 15 minutes left. When the time was up, he tells the students to turn in their papers. There were a 15 minute break. Richard left the classroom. Leia stood up.
“Where are you going?” Nadia asked when she did
“To the bathroom”
“Wait, I’ll come with you” She said and stood up
On the way out of the classroom, they laid their test paper on the front desk. The lady’s room were not far but Leia walked pass.
“Where do you think you’re going?” Nadia said
“Let’s say I have a date in the men’s room” Leia winked
“Oh I see. I keep a look out” Nadia said while looking around the hall
Luckily only their class had a break. Leia gets inside the men’s room without knocking which startled Richard.
“Should I teach you to knock as well?” He said and smiled
“No” She replied and got closer to him
“Lock the door”
“Let it be open” She said laying her hand on his groin “So where is the treasure you promised me?”
“So now you’re interested again. It didn’t sound like that yesterday”
“Just played hard to get. So how about it?” She said and tried to open the zip on his pants
“Sorry but this is not a way to do it. We’re in school for Christ sake” He said a little upset and took her hand away
“It was you who invited me here. Beside I’m fed up by being a virgin. I was just waiting for the right one, you”
“You’re a virgin?”
“Don’t act surprised. I know Nadia told you. She tells every guy I date”
“Wouldn’t the first time be somewhere else than in a school’s bathroom?”
“I don’t care where” She replied and tried to kiss him
“If I weren’t your teacher I wouldn’t care but since I am, I can get fired if we get caught”
“You’re really good at spoiling a moment” She said disappointed
“So sorry. If you haven’t planned anything tonight, we could meet later” He said and caressed her hair
“We’ll see” She said with a little smile
“OK” He said and gave her a passionate kiss like always
She had to leave the bathroom first without arousing suspicion. Nadia stood a little further away from the door.
“So how did it go? Any celebrations yet?” She curiously asked
“Not yet”
They get inside the classroom where the other students were already waiting. In a moment the class continued like usual. Maybe today was the day Leia’s life would change. Things had turned upside down. Now she wouldn’t play hard to get. She would totally surrender.