One course of love (part 9)


Chapter 9

On Thursday both Leia and Nadia went to class. They had made a plan. They would test his integrity. Nadia had put on her a mini-skirt and a tight blouse that showed her figure. Leia were just in a plain T-shirt and jeans with sneakers. They arrive to the classroom. They sit down on the front row. Not everyone had arrived yet. Not even the teacher. They had time to go through the plan. They talk quietly so no one would hear them. Other students were arriving and so did he. He laid his folder on his desk as usual and greeted the class. He gave Leia a smile but she didn’t give one back. The class started. The subject was genders. That was a subject that suited so well. While the class was going on, Nadia kept flirting with Richard. Once in a while he noticed but he didn’t lose concentration. Leia looked amused at her. When there’s a 10 minute break, he leaves the classroom. Nadia followed him. He was going to the men’s room. She waited outside. There were other students standing in the hall. In a few minutes, he came out. She walks behind him so he didn’t see her. He was on his way back to the classroom.
“Richard” Nadia said and he turned around
Nervously he looks around.
“Please don’t call me that outside the classroom”
“I’m sorry. Am I embarrassing you?” She said and smiled
“Did you want to say something?”
“Yeah” She replied and touched his arm while looking at him
A few students walked by and looked at them. He glimpsed at them which made him even more nervous.
“We should go back to the classroom” He said and tried to walk pass her but she got in front of him
“I heard you tried to have sex with Leia”
“What are you talking about?” He looked at her puzzled
“If I was her I would have done it in a heartbeat. You’re really are hot for a teacher. I’m sure you’re great at it” She said and ran her fingers across his chest
“Please don’t do that” He said and took her hand away
“If you dare to kiss her in the classroom with the door open, this should be easy”
“That’s different. Now there are other people here”
“I thought you liked an audience” She winked at him
He looked at the time on his watch.
“I really don’t have time for this” He said and walked pass her
“The reason she didn’t want to have sex, is because she’s still a virgin. And I think you want someone with more experience” She whispered to him
He stopped and looked at her.
“She is?” He said surprised
“Don’t tell her it was I that spilled the beans”
He just gave her one look and got back to the classroom. Nadia smiled and followed. Leia was writing in her notebook and looked up when they got inside. Richard looked at her and gave her a smile. Nadia sat down beside her.
“How did it go?” Leia whispered to her
“Did he give you a smile?”
“Then very well. But it’s not over yet. Watch this”
The class continued. In the middle of Richard’s sentence, Nadia raised her hand.
“Why do some men think they can control women the way they want? Men have always been the hunter but that’s boring already. Why can’t women be the one’s that make the first move without being called easy? It’s actually the men that are easy. Not the other way around”
He stayed silent a while.
“First, thank you for interrupting me. Some women let them. They make themselves a target. The attitudes are changing though. Women have become stronger. It’s been proved a lot of times. Men have learned that women do have a mind of their own”
“But yet when women dates a lot of men, they’re still called easy. If a man dates different women, it’s being praised. Why is that?”
“I don’t have an answer to that to be honest. Personally I think people who call women easy, only have low self-esteem”
Nadia didn’t have anything else to say so Richard continued where he left off.
“Damn, I thought I got him there” Nadia whispered to Leia
When the evening was over and the others had gone, the girls were the only left. They were packing their things when Richard approached them.
“Nice questions there. Seemed personal” He sarcastically said to Nadia
“It wasn’t. Honestly” Was her reply
“OK, fair enough. Leia, could I talk to you in private?” He says to her
“No you can say it here”
“Alright. Are you still mad at me?”
“No I’m over that”
“Good” He said and smiled “I don’t know if I should really do this. But do you have something to do tonight?”
“Not really. Why?”
“Since we can’t meet in public, I thought maybe we could meet at my place. I promise I won’t try anything”
Leia looked at Nadia. She looked back with a proved look.
“No thank you” Leia replied and lifted her bag on her shoulder
“Give me your mobile”
“What for?” She said looking at him
“I write my number so you can call me”
“No bad idea” She said and closed her bag
“It just is. Nadia, shall we go?” She said and walked to the classroom door
“Sorry” Nadia said to him before following her out
The girls walked down the hall.
“What are you doing? He was offering his number” Nadia said while they walked out of the building
They walked to the parking lot where their car was parked.
“Make him suffer. That’s the point in this game. Make him crawl. He can get my number from my student file. He must realize it himself. If he really wants me, he shouldn’t get the easy way out”
“Play hard to get. That’s cheeky. I just thought I would embarrass him but it wasn’t easy”
“Exactly. This is gonna be fun” Leia said and smiled
They got into the car a drove home. Leia was really playing a risky game. She would soon find out it wouldn’t be as easy as she thought.

One course of love (part 8)


Chapter 8

Nadia opened the front door when Leia rang the door bell. She were in her bathrobe. Leia laid her bag on the chair that stood in the hall. She asked her friend how she was doing and told her what was said in class. She gave her the notes so she could write them down later. Leia made some tea and they sat down by the kitchen table. Nadia put some biscuit on a small plate.
“So how’s the hot teacher?” Nadia asked while taking a sip from her cup
“Please don’t call him that”
“So it’s by the first name already?” Nadia said with a smile
“He’s hardly hot. Not anymore. More like a jerk” She said and drank some tea from her cup
“What did he do?”
“Please don’t tell anybody”
“It’s that juicy. Spill it out” Nadia said excited
“He kissed me”
“No way. I’m away for one day and this happens. So how was it?”
“You won’t believe it”
“It was that good, huh? Did someone see?”
“I hope not. But here comes the jerk part” Leia continued and paused
“He tried to go further than that. And it was in the classroom”
“Oh no. He’s a fast mover. I hope the door was closed”
“It wasn’t”
“Now that’s bad”
“I don’t know why I gave him that impression. A kiss doesn’t mean I want to sleep with him. Not yet anyway”
“You would expect that from high school boys but from a teacher at Uni. You would think a 43 year old man would have control over his feelings. But I guess you bring the teen in him”
“Wait, how did you know his age?” Leia asked surprised
“I asked from a classmate. Don’t worry. A 20 year gap is kind of sexy”
“That’s explains a lot. I was wondering how come he kissed like that”
“Well, he got the right target”
“We’re getting off subject. We shouldn’t praise him. He’s a jerk” Leia said and poured herself another cup of tea
“First you drool over him and now he’s a jerk. Things can’t be that bad” Nadia said and took a bite from her biscuit
“He tried to have sex with me and then he wanted to give me a lift. I could have taken the bus”
“That’s not a reason to call him a jerk. You know, he’s just not teaching psychology. He could also teach you about life. It’s not everyday you meet a man among all those 20- something aged boys”
“You really want us to be together, don’t you? Well I can’t. I’m his student and that’s not right”
“It will be over in 3 months anyway”
“It’s still wrong”
“Are you afraid you’ll do something wrong? Something that will put him off?”
“No I’m just not ready”
“I think you are but you keep pushing it further and further. Does he know you’re still a virgin?”
“So it’s my virginity that’s on the line now?” Leia said a little upset
“Isn’t it? You keep talking about sex but you’ll never do anything about it. When you finally meet someone, you don’t take the opportunity”
“So I should sleep with the first guy I meet?”
“That’s not what I meant. You just seem so excited about this one. I’m not saying you should sleep with him straight away. But you shouldn’t give up”
“I am. Teacher/student relationships doesn’t work. It just gets the teacher into trouble and I don’t want that”
“If he takes the risk to kiss you in school with the door open, he doesn’t care he does”
“You make it sound like it’s OK. Go a head, have an affair with you teacher- kind of thing” She waved her hand in the air
“Now you’re exaggerating. That’s not what I meant at all. If you really like him, you shouldn’t care he is”
“OK, next time we have a class, I’m gonna tell him that I want him in front of everybody. I’m really desperate” Leia sarcastly said
“Don’t be like that. I know you wouldn’t. It wouldn’t be wise either”
“OK, I wouldn’t even dare. That would be embarrassing” She said and smiled
“So what are you gonna do?”
“Nothing. He can do the hunting. He seems to love that. If he really wants me, he should do all the work”
“Make him suffer, right?”
“He already is. If he wants to play, I can play harder”
“I’m with you all the way” Nadia said and the girls smiled at each other