One course of love (part 5)


Tuesday arrived quickly. Nadia had become ill so she couldn’t come to the course. Leia had to take the bus to get to the university. When she got to the classroom, the teacher was already there. He was just that and nothing else. She didn’t even look his way when she sat down beside Ana, the woman who saved her from embarrassment. She sat on the second row. They greeted. Leia wore her plain jeans and a hoodie. She took her notebook and a pencil from her bag. Ana asked where Nadia were. The girls talked until the class started. Leia would concentrate on the evening. She was there to study after all. She had told Nadia she didn’t see Richard the same way anymore. She would totally ignore him. She hadn’t done the homework just out of spite. She was still upset about what happened during class the last time. They had a 10 minute break. They handed back their assignments on the teacher’s desk on their way out. Every student left the classroom. Leia was in no hurry. She sat in her seat and wrote a text message to Nadia. After a moment she decided to go to the bathroom. When she walked to the door, she looked in her mobile and didn’t notice Richard had got from behind his desk and was standing by the doorpost. She almost bumps into him.
“Where’s your assignment?”
She looked up. This time he had jeans and a long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. She hadn’t paid attention to his clothing until now. He smelled really good. He stood quite close to her. She hadn’t realized how tall he really was. Herself were 5′ 7” and yet she felt much shorter than him.
“I didn’t have to time to do it” She lied
“Well, you can do it later”
“Sorry but I won’t have time”
“If you want to get a diploma, you must do them”
“I’ll try. Will you excuse me” She said and was about to leave
“Leia” He said and made her move one step back
So now he was making a move while the door was open. Anyone could come in and get the wrong idea.
“Where is your friend?” He asked and stopped walking
“Nadia is ill”
“I thought she quit”
He was acting strangely.
“No just ill. I should really get to the bathroom” She said and was about to walk pass him
“Will she come to class on Thursday?” He said and got closer to her
“Maybe. Why do you ask?”
“No reason” He replied and smiled a little
“Was that all?”
“How will you get home?”
“By bus of course”
“If you want I can give you a lift”
“No thanks. I’ll manage”
She knew if she didn’t stop this now, he would kiss her. Just when he was about to, she walked pass him. She quickly got to the bathroom. The class would continue soon. The hall was almost empty. She stands in front of the mirror after she finished. When she got out of the bathroom, Richard was waiting outside. The class was about to continue and here he was.
“There you are” He said
“I was on my way back”
“No hurry” He said and caressed her hair
“What it your problem? Shouldn’t we continue?” She said a little upset and took his hand away
“Just one. One kiss” He said impatiently and was about to bend down to her
She wasn’t even wearing anything sexy and yet he was willing to go this far.
“Richard, take a grip” She took one step back
“So now you say my name”
“I’m your student. You should not behave like that”
“Didn’t you like me?”
“No I don’t. Not now. We got to go before they wonder where we are”
“There’s time. Leia, kiss me. Then we can go” He said and got closer again
She knew she would regret it. Without even looking around, he gently kissed her. When their lips met, it wasn’t an innocent kiss. It was a passionate one. He pushed her against the wall. They couldn’t stop. Someone had to. She pushed him away and they looked at each other.
“That’s better. Now we got that out of the way” He said and got back to the classroom
Leia was amazed. No one had kissed her that way. How could she sit in class now when the man she just kissed was in front of her? Could she keep her concentration on the subject at all? When she got back to the class, he had already started. Somehow he could just go on like nothing had happened. She on the other hand couldn’t. She just couldn’t believe she just kissed the teacher.

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