One course of love (part 3)


Chapter 3

On Thursday the girls arrived to school. Leia usually wore less revealing clothes but this time they were tighter. She still wore jeans but they were tight-fit that revealed her figure. On her upper body she had a tight gray v- neck t-shirt and a blue jeans jacket. She had cut her hair so it reached above her shoulders. Her hair was untied. She was never this revealing but she just wanted to impress the teacher. She promised herself she would concentrate this time. She and Nadia had talked about the first class at work.
“I didn’t mean you should fall for him. I just pointed out how handsome he was” Nadia had told her
“I didn’t expect it either but I couldn’t help it”
“You should stop falling for men you know you can’t have. Just saying”
“Yes I know. But I do try” Was Leia’s reply
Here there were in school, waiting. Maybe he was late. Other students had become more talkative so there were more noise than usual. Leia still had her jacket on. When she sees Richard get into the classroom, she stands up to take it off. She turns around and take it seductively off, showing her figure. Before he greets, he takes a glimpse at her, forgetting where he was. She sits down and bends down a little, showing her bosom. Even if she didn’t look his way, she knew he was looking at her. The class gets quiet when he apologies for being late.
“OK, let’s start”

Leia tried to listen what he was saying but like the last time, she kept concentrating on his appearance. This time he was dressed more sophisticated. A dark suit without a tie. Under it he had a light-colored shirt with the first two buttons undone. Most of the time he stood behind his desk. After an hour, they had a 10 minute break. A few students went outside to get some fresh air. Nadia was writing in her notebook. Leia kept looking at Richard who was sitting by his desk writing something on a paper. He glanced up for a moment and looked at her. She had the tip of her pencil in her mouth and pretended to suck it. He quickly stood up and left the classroom. Without saying anything to Nadia, she followed him to see where he went. There were other students in the hall from other courses, talking to each other. She saw him going to the men’s room. She looked around to see no one was close by. She opened the door slowly and looked inside from the doorpost. He was splashing water on his face and then looking himself in the mirror while drying with a paper towel. She waited outside. In a second the door opened. He didn’t see her.
“Is it hot in the classroom?” She asked and startled he turned around
“Gee Leia, never sneak behind me like that” He nervously said
“I’m sorry Richard” She said and smiled
“Please don’t do that. I’m your teacher for crying out loud”
“I’m sorry, teacher” She flirted
She didn’t know why she said it like that. This wasn’t her. Why was this man giving her these thoughts? Students were getting inside their classrooms.
“We should go back” And he started to walk towards their classroom
All of the students were already waiting inside. Leia was the last entering. Nadia looked at her.
“Where did you go?” She whispered when she sat down
“Just took a walk” Was her reply
“You talked to him”
“OK, let’s continue. Let’s talk about human behavior. Could anyone give examples of what it means?” He asked, looking over the class
A few hands came up. He wrote the suggestions on the chalkboard. Leia was usually quiet during class but now she picked up the courage. She raised her hand and waited for her turn. He saw it but still he didn’t let her speak. As soon as one of the students was finished, she opened her mouth.
“Does human behavior also involve ignoring other people?”
She noticed he didn’t want to reply. He looked at her for a while.
“That could be one kind of behavior. But not only humans do”
“Why do people do that? Are they afraid to get rejected or a fear of commitment?”
“It can be anything”
He was clearly embarrassed.
“Why can’t humans just be honest? We can talk, unlike animals. If we like someone, why not say it out loud? It shouldn’t be so difficult”
“I agree but sometimes we just don’t want to hurt somebody’s feelings”
Leia was really getting upset. It had become one on one conversation. She didn’t like the way he was making up excuses.
“That’s better than nothing”
He didn’t want to agree or disagree. A few more students hands were up. There wasn’t much time left. The classes were 3 hours long. They get an assignment for next time and the then first part of the course is over. The classroom emptied quite fast. Nadia packed her things while Leia put her jacket on. She was a little upset. She kept looking at Richard who was arranging his folder.
“Not bad for an introvert” Nadia whispered to her “I have never seen this side of you”
Leia was so in her thoughts she didn’t hear her. She was about to change her mind about him. She had been fooled by his good looks. How could she be so stupid? He was just a typical man.
“Shall we go?” Nadia asked and she wakes up from her thoughts
“Sure” She said and took her bag
She didn’t look at him and was about to leave the room.
“Leia, can I talk to you for a minute?” Richard said and they stopped by the door
“I have to go” And is about to
“It won’t take long” He said and stood up
“I wait in the car” Nadia said, after Leia nods to her and then she leaves
“Is everything alright?”
“Yeah, why?”
“You seem upset. Is it something I said?”
“No, not at all” She smiled a little
“I’m just asking because earlier you seemed much happier and then not so much during class”
Was he trying to say sorry for not giving her a proper answer? He sure was sweet but she wouldn’t fall for that.
“Thank you for your concern but I’m fine. I have to go” She said and was about to leave
“Leia” He said and paused
She waited for his reply but he just looked at her.
“I- I see you next week” He said and smiled
Without saying anything, she left. She had a feeling he was about to say something else. She gets to the parking lot where Nadia was waiting in the car. They drive home.