One course of love

Character: Richard Armitage
Ratings: PG
Genre: Romance
Fan fiction: RPF (real person fiction)
About: It’s a story about two best friends, Leia and Nadia. They’re both in the early 20’s with steady jobs. They decide to take a course in psychology in the local university. There Leia meets the man of her dreams. The problem is, it’s her teacher. Is it happy ever after or doomed from the start?
Author Notes: Warning! Some sexual content. Will mention when it does appear.
This story has never happened. It’s only written for fun. It has a POV (point of view) in it. Feedback is always welcome. Good or bad.


Chapter 1

Leia and Nadia were two young women in their early 20’s. Leia had light brown hair and dark blue eyes. She didn’t have the good looks of a model but was still pretty. She was more of a tomboy. She always wore jeans. Skirts were the worst thing she knew. Her hair was naturally wavy and reached to her shoulders. She always kept her hair in a pony tail. She was introverted but she wasn’t shy.

Her friend Nadia was the total opposite. She was blond and had blue eyes. She wore skirts and high heels. She was a girly girl who loved fashion and looking nice. She was extroverted but sometimes shy. Even though they were different, they completed each other. They had met in high school. Now both worked in the same company. Leia was the secretary while Nadia worked as a marketing assistant. They both loved learning new things so they decided to take a course in psychology in the local university. It would take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 pm. They had plenty of time to go home and change. The university was situated a few miles from their work place. The girls lived in the same building but in a different stair. Nadia was the one with the car.

They arrived to the university. They parked the car on the parking lot. The building was huge. The girls were so nervous, they didn’t pay attention to details. When they get inside, there were other students in the hall. They find their class room straight away. When they got inside the room, there’s already other students there. They both looked around the class while they sat down on the front row. There were 2 men and 4 women. They were all quiet. Maybe soon they would be more lively. It looked like the girls were the only one’s that knew each other. The course would start in 10 minutes. Some more students arrived and soon almost every seat was taken. There were at least 25 people. Psychology sure was a popular subject among adults. Adults, not teens. The girls were talking to each other. They had their pens and notebooks ready.

In a moment, the teacher arrived. They didn’t take notice. In the middle of Leia’s sentence, Nadia looked up and gave her a nudge. Leia couldn’t do anything but gasp. In front of the teacher’s desk stood the most handsome man she had ever seen. He was at least 6’2” with brown hair. He was looking at his folder on the desk. When he looks up to say ”Good evening” to the class, she felt light-headed. His eyes sparkled like blue or green diamonds and all she could do was to stare at him. How could she ever concentrate on studying when he looked like that? He said his name but she didn’t listen. His deep voice hypnotized her. Luckily for her, he wrote it on the board behind him. And when he turned around, she silently sighed. She hadn’t paid attention to his clothing until she saw him from behind. The dark blue jeans he wore were tight enough to see the shape of his lower body. If that wasn’t enough, the rest of his body was fit too. His appearance wasn’t like any other teacher she had met. Not everyone would wear a t-shirt and jeans to work. Maybe he wasn’t a teacher at all. She looked at the board and saw his name, Richard Armitage. She gasped some more but this time loudly. Everybody looked at her.
“Am I boring you?”
She stopped dreaming and noticed, he was talking to her.
“Um, no” She replied and looked at Nadia, who had been listening for real
“Maybe you could start the introductions”
She didn’t realize he was still talking to her. She hated public speaking and no way she would start.
“I rather not”
“Go on since you interrupted me”
Why was he embarrassing her? Maybe he wasn’t as nice as he seemed to be. They were adult students after all. She looked at Nadia, who just looked at her. Why didn’t she help?
“I can start” Another female students raised her hand
She sat behind them. Leia looked behind her and was revealed someone saved her. The woman’s name was Ana. Leia hadn’t heard what they were suppose to say so she asked Nadia while Ana spoke. That seemed to disturb Richard so as soon as Ana was finished, he looked upset at Leia.
“Could you repeat what Ana just said?”
Leia looked up. He now sat on his desk with his left foot on the floor. She wished he wouldn’t have done that but she tried not to look.
“Sorry” She embarrassingly said
“I really hope you’ll be listening through this whole course. Or maybe you want to be somewhere else?”
If you only could get less attractive, she thought to herself. Then something came over her.
“What then? You’re gonna spank me?” She said and smiled a little
He wasn’t amused. Nadia giggled at her but luckily he didn’t pay attention.
“Could I talked to you outside?” He said and stood up
“Yes, sir” She replied in a baby voice with a lisp. She was good at making different voices.
She could really see he was going to tell her off. But boy did that turn her on. Why was she thinking like this? She wasn’t brave at all. Her mind were playing tricks on her. It just had to be because of him. They get outside the classroom and he closed the door behind.
“Since I don’t even know your name. I’m just gonna give you a warning” He said calmed voice
“My name is Leia” She interrupted him
The way he said it, made her weak in the knees. He was quite close and she could smell his aftershave.
“I hope you won’t make a habit of making remarks like that”
“I promise” She said and smiled
He opens the door to the classroom and they get back inside. Leia just kept looking at his behind. She gets back to her seat.
“Where were we? Yes, next one” He said and sat on his desk again
This time Leia kept quiet. Since they sat on the front row, she couldn’t help taking a glimpse at his groin. She didn’t hear a word what the others said. Not until Nadia nudged her.
“Pay attention” She whispered in her ear
Almost everybody had introduced themselves while Leia had been daydreaming about their hot teacher. But when it was her turn, he totally ignored her. He stood up and got behind his desk. Leia and Nadia looked at each other.
“What have you done, Leia?”
The girls whispered to each other. Fortunately he was too busy getting on with the class. He explained what the course contained. Leia tried to concentrate as much as she could. But it was hard not to stare at him. She was kind of relieved she didn’t have to introduce herself. When the evening was over in a few hours, the class were dismissed. Some students were chatting while they packed their stuff and then they left. Only Leia and Nadia were still there. They were talking to each other while packing their things in their bags. Richard was cleaning the chalkboard with a wet sponge. It was full of writings that they had gone through. He didn’t pay attention to them. They had made a plan that they would tease him a little. It was clear for Nadia that her friend was smitten. They talked loud enough when they walk pass him to leave. They didn’t look his way.
“So you like him, huh?” Nadia only said while they walked out
She took a glimpse behind her and saw he looked at them. The girls just giggled on their way out of the building. They had got his attention.

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